From Big League to Cartoon Scene

Jose Altuve has been an All-Star in both leagues, a batting champion, Gold Glove Award and Silver Slugger award winner, and was even featured on the cover of a Sports Illustrated magazine. What is he up to now? Starring in a cartoon show of course.

Along with 4 other Major League players, Altuve voiced over a cartoon version of himself for an episode of the Cartoon Network show “Uncle Grandpa,” which aired at 11:15 a.m. CT on Saturday, October 29. He said he had provided his voiceover before the season during spring training in Florida.

In the show, the big leaguers are asked to help the team of “Losers” build up their mental baseball skills in preparation for their big game. Some of these exercises involve goofy looking yoga techniques along with scenes that mimic samurai training with the baseball bat. A fancy spin by using the “third-eye” technique to be able to know where the ball is going before hand is even used.

Cartoon Network posted a couple of videos on YouTube to show their participation in the episode. While they are still only on screen for a couple of minutes, the idea of using yoga and samurai training to prepare to play is a nice comedic touch to anyone who knows about playing the sport.