Farewell to Tal’s Hill

Tal’s Hill has seen its last games from centerfield in 2016. Those who have either seen a game at Minute Maid Park or just on TV would recognize the famous hill that sits 436 feet away from home plate; furthest centerfield fence in the MLB. Not just any hill, Tal’s included an in-play flag pole that made few but significant effects on all players having to deal with it. Seemingly enough, highlight videos have even been made to applaud all the spectacular plays made on and by Tal’s Hill. Astros’ owner, Jim Crane, believes the new centerfield will allow for fans to add to their experience of watching a live major league baseball game: either close down by the field or up high overlooking downtown Houston through the glass windows. The new centerfield will be completed in time for the 2017 season. Some of the pieces of the outfield padding, flag poles and the dirt from Tal’s Hill are going into an auction for fans to buy as keepsakes. From the park’s opening in 2000, the Astros have made many changes and upgrades in the past couple of years: The Diamond Club behind home plate, the club level and the home clubhouse. While Tal’s Hill will be missed, there is a lot of excitement for the new and improved replacement.


3 thoughts on “Farewell to Tal’s Hill

  1. This is interesting! I personally don’t know all that much about baseball, but it has always been my favorite sport to watch. The catches I watched in the video you linked seemed pretty difficult. But I have to ask, what was the purpose for Tal’s Hill originally being made a part of the field?


    1. Well the hill itself is named after the Astros’ team president, Tal Smith. There isn’t any other reason for it that of adding to the uniqueness of the ballpark and presenting a challenge to all outfielders that have to deal with it.


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